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Disability cover policy

Disability cover

None of us plans to be involved in a life-changing accident. But what we should all do, is have a plan in place should such a tragedy ever occur. The best place to start is with a disability cover policy.

We often get asked: “Why should I take out disability cover” and our answer is always the same…

Disability insurance provides a source of income should you become unable to work due to an accident or illness. Remember that your earning power is one of your greatest financial assets. Should you lose your ability to generate an income you might lose everything you have worked your whole life to acquire. Such as your home, vehicles and other investments.

Simply put, without disability cover, you are living on the edge. Should anything happen – the consequences can be financially devastating.

At Prosperisense Financial & Risk Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering our clients specialised and unique financial solutions and investment plans that do not only meet their needs but also exceeds their expectation.

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